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Experience your favorite barre workout at home with the world's first removable door-mounted barre that provides the same level of support as a wall-mounted barre.

Dorbarre brings barre training into the home by transforming any door into your personal home studio. For too long home barre workouts have been done on unstable pop up barres or kitchen chairs. Dorbarre provides a studio-level barre experience by giving you full stability for both pulling and pushing exercises. Setup is fast and easy so you can get moving quickly or take it down in under 2 minutes to store it away without damaging your door.

Start doing real barre workouts at home with dorbarre.

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made for pulling and pushing exercises

Dorbarre provides the same stability as a wall-anchored barre for pulling exercises, so you can finally practice chair and waterski positions at home. Dorbarre also gives you the ability to apply vertical force for pushing exercises like barre planks and pushups. 

designed with intention

An elegant tool for elegant movement. Dorbarre was designed to provide full stability to complement your favorite at home barre workouts or your dance practice. The removable, non-damaging, height adjustable design allows you to quickly transform any door into your home studio.

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"I looked into freestanding barres for our small condo but knew we couldn't afford to give up the square footage. The Dorbarre is more than I hoped for! It is quick to set up, takes up very little space and - better than a freestanding barre - you can fully pull off of it to do exercises like Chair! I cannot recommend this highly enough. Ten stars!"

Audra M