dorbarre specs

Designed With Intention

An elegant tool for elegant movement. Dorbarre was designed to provide full stability to complement your favorite at home barre workouts or your dance practice. The removable, non-damaging, height adjustable design allows you to quickly transform any door into your home studio.

fits any door







sturdy for all moves. made for pulling and pushing exercises.

Dorbarre provides the same stability as a wall-anchored barre for pulling exercises, so you can finally practice chair and waterski positions at home. Dorbarre also gives you the ability to apply vertical force for pushing exercises like barre planks and pushups.

designed for all levels

Take your skills to the next level with dorbarre at home.

designed for all ages

dorbarre is height adjustable for all ages

designed for all goals

Pair dorbarre with your favorite barre workout or dance practice